[IPython-dev] Visual representation of SQL extracted data

Simon Cropper simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com
Tue May 27 20:28:11 EDT 2014

On 28/05/14 02:41, Alistair Miles wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> I'm sure you've found this out already, but both pandas [1] and petl [2]
> implement _repr_html_() such that table-like objects automagically get
> formatted as HTML tables in the IPython notebook, e.g.:
> http://nbviewer.ipython.org/gist/alimanfoo/926868c73e18ca7f77b4/tables.ipynb
> Cheers,
> Alistair
> [1] http://pandas.pydata.org/
> [2] http://petl.readthedocs.org/
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Hi Alistar,

Thanks for the links. Yes I am currently reading up on pandas but to 
date no one has mentioned petl.

I have looked at the documentation for petl and the package looks 
interesting. I like your video tutorial.

I also like your sample notebook showing how output from pandas and petl 
are automatically formatted when called in iPython. This is
useful to know.

Cheers Simon

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