[IPython-dev] 2 questions about notebooks : disabling cells for edition and best hiding menu bar process

Benjamin Ninassi benjamin.ninassi at inria.fr
Wed May 28 08:32:00 EDT 2014

Hello there, 

It's a great work you're doing !

I intend  to use notebooks for making exercices in a mooc and i have 2 questions for notebooks customizations :
- is-it possible to "disable" the edition of some cells in browsers, maybe with some parameters in the json ? I'd like to get within a browser a notebook with some cells non-editable (instructions) et some cells editable (code for execution) but i can't find how to do this ...
- i've tried to use the custom.js file to hide the top panel, doing :

$([IPython.events]).on('notebook_loaded.Notebook', function(){

but the panels appears quickly before hiding - not nice :/
Is-there another way to do this where the panels that i want to hide don't show at all, or making a loading picture appears while the page is loading, and replace it when the page is completely loaded ? I can't find a list of the IPython.events ... or maybe by css ?

Thanks !


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