[IPython-dev] 2 questions about notebooks : disabling cells for edition and best hiding menu bar process

Benjamin Ninassi benjamin.ninassi at inria.fr
Wed May 28 09:22:57 EDT 2014

Thanks a lot for your quick answears ! 

> It should be possible by directly setting the read-only mode to some cell in
> CodeMiror itself, but it will require a bit of javscript:

> http://codemirror.net/doc/manual.html#option_readOnly

I'll drill into that, thanks ! My major issue will be to identify the cells that i want to disable through the DOM as they have no ID ... is-it possible to give them one with metadata ? 

> I suppose css with the same target and display:none in custom.css should
> works.

I was supposing that to, but there is a style="display: block;" generated in the html for the header div that overwrite the custom.css 
#header{ display:none; } ... 

> No, there is no list. You can grep through the source for IPython.events out
> should give yo an idea of existing event,

> The rest depend if when using IPython for a MOOC you will be providing the
> sever,in which case you can customize it a lot
> or if you plan on users to install IPython in which case you probably want to
> avoid too aggressive customization.

We will be providing a server, so we can customize it a lot. I'm convince ipython and notebooks are great tools for online education, providing some minor adjustements ! 

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