[IPython-dev] Internationalisation and creating domain specific Help items

Ozan Çağlayan ozancag at gmail.com
Wed May 28 10:44:15 EDT 2014

> That will make it possible for everyone to evaluate how invasive the changes
> would be. This is a really tricky cost-benefit analysis: we undeniably want
> to make IPython friendlier to non-English speakers (as I should be, given
> English isn't even my second language...). But at the same time, I worry a
> lot about how intrusive these i18n changes can potentially be into the
> entire codebase, so we'll have to tiptoe very carefully into this one...


Well I prepared a branch out of the current master to test what I've
done yesterday and I noticed a (big?) problem: There are UI strings in
.js files too. Well this is annoying as client-side JS can't access
the binary gettext catalogs. There are libraries like Jed for JS
translation with which you convert the translated gettext catalogs to
json and embed the translations inside a js file which is loaded
during runtime.

What do you think? Is there a way to provide those strings in html
templates or was it mandatory to have them in .js code? An example is
the tour.js for example. Or modal dialogs from savewidget.js


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