[IPython-dev] IPython inputhook, higher rate?

Martin Teichmann lkb.teichmann at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 03:39:17 EDT 2014

Hi Thomas,

> Thanks for looking into this. We would be interested in having a better way
> to integrate event loops with getting input in the terminal. It's probably
> not practical to push that straight into core Python, and even if it was, it
> would be some time before we could scrap our inputhook functionality in
> favour of a new feature in Python 3.5.

To me it's a bit weird to say that we shouldn't push that straight into core
Python - IPython is working around this broken functionality since more
than a decade, so how long do we have to wait until something is not
considered "straight" anymore? Apparently IPython is not the only one
having this problem, as you mentioned others have also already written
a library to circumvent this problem in the standard library.

As for compatibility: I actually think that the way IPython is handling
the problem - mostly hiding all the ugly details behind a nice API -
would make it possible to have the new and old version nicely in
parallel, especially as the new version has already mostly been written,
for the case if IPython is not running in the terminal.



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