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Bob Dougherty bobd at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 3 01:44:07 EDT 2014

It's definitely usable-- we're running our class tutorials through JupyterHub using the default pam authentication module. We pre-configured linux accounts on the server for each student. Over 20 students have been accessing the notebook tutorials through a JubyterHub process that's been running for a few weeks straight and it seems to be working fine for them. It's all running on a dedicated VM as root and are using ssl for security. 


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JupyterHub is basically functional, right now. We are still working on some configuration, with respect to running the server as a limited user. But if you run the server as root and you want to provide access to existing system users, it works. We also have working examples using GitHub OAuth for user login instead of system passwords, as well as running user code in docker containers . 

It’s pretty rough right now, and there’s a fair amount of UI and error handling to deal with (and documenting how to use it, importantly), but it would be great to get some feedback! 


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The multi-user notebook project now goes by the name jupyterhub. It lives at 
https://github.com/jupyter/jupyterhub/tree/master/jupyterhub . I'm not sure 
what it's status is w/r/t stability and concrete/public APIs, but it's 
definitely usable already. 

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