[IPython-dev] newest development version serves no notebooks

Zoltán Vörös zvoros at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 03:46:15 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I have just pulled the latest version from github master, and it seems 
to me that notebooks are not served any more. When I try to open an 
existing notebook, I end up with a blank page. The same thing happens, 
if I create a new notebook on the dashboard. The notebook is created on 
disc, and as far as I see, it is a valid notebook, yet, in the browser, 
none of the components (toolbar, header, etc.) is loaded, and the first 
input cell is not even inserted. I started ipython from the command line 

 > BROWSER=google-chrome-stable ipython notebook

and here is my output:

v923z at tux:~$ [I 141014 09:28:42 application:307] Using existing profile 
dir: u'/home/v923z/.ipython/profile_default'
[I 141014 09:28:42 notebookapp:562] Serving local MathJax from 
/home/v923z/.ipython/profile_default/static/mathjax/MathJax.js at 
[I 141014 09:28:42 notebookapp:902] Serving notebooks from local 
directory: /home/v923z/papers/notes
[I 141014 09:28:42 notebookapp:902] 0 active kernels
[I 141014 09:28:42 notebookapp:902] The IPython Notebook is running at: 
[I 141014 09:28:42 notebookapp:903] Use Control-C to stop this server 
and shut down all kernels (twice to skip confirmation).
ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by 
[4393:4393:1014/092843:ERROR:sandbox_linux.cc(305)] InitializeSandbox() 
called with multiple threads in process gpu-process
[4355:4355:1014/092843:ERROR:desktop_window_tree_host_x11.cc(1547)] Not 
implemented reached in void 
[I 141014 09:28:47 handlers:114] Creating new file in /
[I 141014 09:29:30 handlers:114] Creating new file in /
[I 141014 09:30:32 handlers:114] Creating new file in /
[4355:4355:1014/093036:ERROR:navigation_entry_screenshot_manager.cc(163)] Invalid 
entry with unique id: 15
[4355:4355:1014/093043:ERROR:navigation_entry_screenshot_manager.cc(163)] Invalid 
entry with unique id: 16

"Creating new file" refers to the moments when I pressed "New notebook" 
in the dashboard, while the last two error messages were generated when 
I tried to navigate to the address of the notebook in firefox. Is there 
a reason why the kernel should not be started? In the dashboard, no 
kernels are listed as running. (command line ipython seems to be OK.) 
Oh, and I want to make clear that I cleared the cache of the browser:)

Is there something that I might have missed, or that I could use to 
track down the problem?



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