[IPython-dev] Possible to run Octave in IPython without %%octave ?

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 04:16:41 EDT 2014


I teach a very short course on MATLAB for astronomy students (6 hours).
This year I am thinking of replacing my usual Impress slides with an
IPython notebook running Octave. Yesterday I got Octave running in IPython
and it seems to work.

Is it possible to make an IPython profile that loads oct2py and treats
every cell as if it had "%%octave -f svg" on the first line?

This isn't a critical issue, but I think the notebook would look nicer this
way. The students will not use the notebook themselves. This is just to to
make my presentation a little more lively instead of just showing static
code on a slide.

When an engineer says that something can't be done, it's a code phrase that
means it's not fun to do.
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