[IPython-dev] Possible to run Octave in IPython without %%octave ?

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 07:43:23 EDT 2014

> Well, this is normal for the notebook,  now that the notebook support
> multiple kernel.
> just forget about the --kernel flag, you should get a drop down in the
> notebook UI to select octave kernel.
> Look in the kernel menu, or at the top right of the notebook)
> For the QT stuff can you open an issue on github  ?
Ok. Here it is:


I started the notebook like you said, and I can see the Octave kernel on
the menu. However, it doesn't produce any output. When I type "2+2" I get
nothing. Here is what I know:

1) With the Python kernel I do get the "Out[1]: 4". So it's not the UI per

2) Octave is running. If I try "plot( [1 2 3], [4 5 6])" I actually get a

3) Initially the window came as a pop-up, but "%inline" fixed it. So it
looks like plotting works, and the UI can actually read the plots coming
out of Octave.

4) But I still don't get the "Out[]:" lines, even when I run "disp(3)".
There are no errors on the notebook, or on the terminal. It's just silent.

So, I feel like everything is really close to working. I looked through the
source code of the Octave kernel, but I didn't understand it enough to try
anything else.

As a side-note, I would like to set the figures to svg. With the old system
I would write "%%octave -f svg". I cannot figure out how to do that with
the new system.

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