[IPython-dev] Editor widget and data persistence

Pablo Winant pablo.winant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 10:58:12 EDT 2014


The new widgets are absolutely wonderful !

I wonder if it is possible to save the state of these widgets when saving
the notebook. More specifically, I'd like to use the text editor widget to
edit a text file that comes with a notebook. That would kill two birds with
one stone for me: avoid the need to ship a separate file with the notebook
(btw, is there already a canonical way to do that ?), and be able to edit
it from within the notebook. Are there plans in this direction ? Any idea
about how I could implement that ?

A somewhat related question: the IPython widgets are becoming one of the
very few alternatives for python web-guis. Do you think it would be
possible to use it for a relatively simple application and hide the
notebook from user's sight so that it looks like an independent application


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