[IPython-dev] More widget feasibility ideas

Adam Hughes hughesadam87 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 17:07:03 EDT 2014


We're very happy with the progress in our widget applications, and along
the way have thought up some cool improvements, but don't have a great
sense as to whether or not they're directly implementable in the widget
framework as is.  I was hoping for just some quick feedback like "ya that's
easy to do" or "ya, you can do that but it requires A, B, C hacks" or "no,
that's out of the scope of the framework" to help us best apportion our
development time.

Here are a few ideas we had:

1.   For a given frame of widgets, it would be great if we could have a
little hyperlink that says "what's this?" and if a user clicks it, it would
pop up a short description of the function of some of those widgets.  Many
applications have this feature.

2.  Most of our updates pass through a single "redraw()" method.  Sometimes
we don't know if the program is frozen, if the draw has been skipped, or if
it's done successfully.  I'd love to have a little box at the top center of
the application that prints state information like "Warning" or "Ready" or
"Updating" or "Failure".  This would be a great feature; especially if it
could display different colors (eg red vs. green for different outcomes,
but that's not essential...)

3.  TraitsUI has a nice tabbed-view where the layout has several tabs,
which effectively lets you pack 4 layouts into one main container.  This
would be awesome for us, since many widgets are shared between our
different utilities, but we repurpose alot.  Image I had two GUI's; one
that does analysis A and one that does analysis B.  It would be amazing if
we could keep the shared widgets like plotting/changing unit systems/save
button at the top or bottom of the layout, and have an "analysis A/B" set
of tabs to cycle through the different workflows.  I presume this is not
possible right now, but is this something that might fit in down the road
with the current dev plans?

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