[IPython-dev] Jupyterhub plugin to spawn notebooks on a Supercomputer

Andrea Zonca zonca at sdsc.edu
Thu Apr 16 12:52:06 EDT 2015


First of all thanks for developing Jupyterhub, it is a great piece of
software for scientific computing.

I've developed a proof-of-concept plugin for Jupyterhub to interface via
ssh to a supercomputing queue (Torque for now), then interface via
ssh-tunnel the computing node and the Jupyterhub host.

The purpose is to access easily to computing resources, data and software
available on a Supercomputer.

I have a few screenshots and a longer description in this post:

I am looking for collaborators interested in discussing the use of
Jupyterhub in High Performance Computing.


Andrea Zonca
HPC Applications Specialist
San Diego Supercomputer Center
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