[IPython-dev] WebMIDI <-> @interact idea

Harald Schilly harald.schilly at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 14:39:10 EDT 2015

I just came across a blogpost from google that their newest Chrome
beta supports WebMIDI.

For those who don't know MIDI: this is a data language for external
hardware devices, which do have knobs, sliders and/or keys. When they
are manipulated, a stream of simple data packages is sent to the
computer and this WebMIDI obviously allows to hook into this stream.
It can be used to make music, but that's not what I suggest.

Rather, my immediate idea is to tie up to those controllers to those
interactive @interact slider controls! I think this is not only a cool
thing to have, but would also make it possible to shrink those UI
elements to be much smaller (e.g. only displaying the values, not the
slider) and also allows to control more than one value at the same
time (by turning two knobs at once).



-- Harald

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