[IPython-dev] Spyre - interactive web apps

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 20:58:11 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I wanted to bring up Spyre, which I saw Adam's poster about at PyCon. Adam
is CCed here, and a copy of his poster is attached.

Spyre is a tool to build a simple interactive web application from Python.
You can define some widgets for input, a processing step, and outputs like
plots and tables. Then when you run it, Spyre constructs the HTML, runs a
server, and updates the output in response to input changes. There's
obvious overlap with IPython widgets, but it's aimed squarely at something
we don't have a good answer for yet - making an interactive demo publicly
available in a nice format, without exposing full code execution to any

Adam and I both felt that it would be really nice to have this integrated
with IPython so that you can build an interactive explorer in the notebook,
and then export it to Spyre to put it online. There will probably be a bit
of impedance mismatch with the different models, but I don't think it's
anything we can't overcome.

Live demo: http://adamhajari.com/
Code: https://github.com/adamhajari/spyre

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