[IPython-dev] IPython, debian, anaconda - LTS strategy

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Wed Dec 2 02:11:43 EST 2015


I was wondering why some of the IPython documentations didn' match what I
had on my disk: it is because I'm running IPython 2.3, and not IPython
3.2; I read too fast the result of apt-cache show :o/

The question is: why, even in my debian sid (unstable), I only have IPython
2.x? Is there a reason for the maintainer not to use the latest stable
release? It seams that IPython 3.x branch is out for some months, now...

One solution is to install IPython 3.x from pip. But is it a good idea?
What about IPython dependencies? I may have to install numpy,
matplotlib, notebook etc from pip too, and this may lead me too far for an
application which has to be very stable (don't want to redo all the work
debian maitainers do!).

Another solution is to use Anaconda. But I don't know how stable this
'distro', and how it will evolve in the future. For example, they package
IPython 4, which does not seem to be stable yet... Don't know if it is
easy to install third-party python packages in this environment.

Any advice welcome.

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