[IPython-dev] IPython, debian, anaconda - LTS strategy

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Wed Dec 2 07:24:32 EST 2015

Le 02/12/2015, Thomas a écrit :

> As Min mentioned, it's not the core team that do Debian packaging.

Yes, I'm aware of that. I just wanted to know if IPython devs/users had
some informations about

> But there's another issue: adding new dependencies that aren't already
> packaged in Debian slows things down, because all those dependencies
> have to be packaged and approved (new packages have an extra approval
> step on top of the normal checks). As Python packaging has improved,
> we've been increasingly happy to depend on many more external packages,
> and to split our own code into smaller units which we release
> separately. Debian's systems aren't keeping up with all this very well.

Yes, I think it's a lot of work for maintainers :o/

> Also, since we always tell people to install using Anaconda or pip, I
> suspect there's little impetus for people to work on the Debian
> packaging - people who want an up to date version can easily bypass
> Debian.

It makes sens...

I just tried anaconda (miniconda, in fact), and I've been able to setup a
working env for our application in a few minutes :o) Looks like a very
good way to go.

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