[IPython-dev] Jupyter-Drive (integration with google drive) beta.

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 10:56:29 EST 2015

Hi all, 

You might all have seen that IPython 3.0 Beta was released not so long ago.
First, thanks for the feedback !
For those unaware, we are working on integration with google
drive as an extension. 
Thanks to Google and especially to Kester Tong for helping a lot. 

You can find the package on PyPI :


And of course on github :


You can consider this 0.9 version as a 1.0 Beta, 
there are still a few missing things like duplication of file, 
but the  core functionality will mostly be there. 

For now you also still need a **separate** IPython server to run with the google-drive
profile. Cf readme.md.

This version **does not** include real-time collaboration. It will need some refactor 
that will be done in IPython during the following year. So do expect next version 
of jupyterdrive to probably only be compatible with IPython 4.0. 

For those interested there is draft branch on github that start to implement a "mixed" content
manager, that would allow with the same IPython server to access both local hard drive content
and google drive one. 

As usual, back up your data, Jupyter-drive is much less battle tested than IPython itself.


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