[IPython-dev] Meetings back to 1800 UTC

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 17:49:14 EST 2015

>From the next meeting (this Thursday, if there's enough on the Hackpad to
need a meeting, next Tuesday otherwise), we'll be moving the time of our
regular meetings back to 1800 UTC (10am California/6pm UK/7pm Western
Europe). Matthias is moving from Paris to Berkeley, so there's less
pressure to push the meeting earlier, and several of us, not least me,
don't reliably show up by 9.30, so we often ended up starting 15 minutes

As always, we'll have the meetings using Google Hangouts, with a live
stream on Youtube for anyone who's interested. If you want to watch, join
our chat room (https://gitter.im/ipython/ipython ) and watch for the links.
We meet every Tuesday, and Thursdays when there's more we want to discuss.

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