[IPython-dev] Different users - Auto Save - Clobbering

John Omernik john at omernik.com
Fri Feb 6 11:05:12 EST 2015

Hey all, I know iPython Notebooks isn't quite multiuser, but in the
mean time, I have a question I am having a hard time answering.

I have a process right now where someone will be going in and editing
and creating notebooks.  This is my "writer"   (at this point we are
in a trusted env, therefore we are just using the same iPython
Notebook server)

If he opens a notebook, and then adds a bunch of stuff and keeps it
open.  Then someone else connects to the same notebook, but just
observers... will the autosave on the "quasi" read only person's
computer clobber changes made by the first? Should I setup a system to
allow on read only access of the other users?

Until iPython gets true multiusers, how could I approach this?



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