[IPython-dev] Jupyter Hub and Users

John Omernik john at omernik.com
Mon Feb 9 08:56:22 EST 2015

I have Jupyter Hub working great with my users.  (I surprise myself
sometimes, although I have to give credit to list here :)

Now, that I have it setup with multiple users, I was wondering: Given
a root of "shared notebooks" i.e. notebooks that any users may use, is
it possible to to see in Jupyter Hub when someone else may have a
notebook open in their spawned environment? Ideally, I'd love to set
it up so any notebook say User Z open sthat is opened by say user X
would notify the user Z trying to open it i.e. "X.ipynb is opened
currently by user Y" and then put that notebook into read only mode
for user Z.

I know the goals for the project are to have this be seamless down the
road, perhaps even collaborative editing! In the short term, are there
any links or anything that could help me at a minimum, prevent the
situation where one user has a notebook open and another user
inadvertently opens it and starts making changes, thereby clobbering
the changes of the first user.

I do have one situation that is already made easier by Jupyter hub,
that's whereI have a set of notebooks that is Read/Write for one user,
but read to all the others.  That's easy with Unix permissions now.

Any thoughts, or links on where to get started would be appreciated!


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