[IPython-dev] Developing a mooc with IPython (continued)

Anton Akhmerov anton.akhmerov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 11:42:33 EST 2015

Hi everyone,

This is a follow-up on a message I wrote some time ago about
developing an edx mooc using IPython notebooks and nbconvert.

The course is now live, and here's the repository with the course
materials and the converter ipython -> edx:

The very much boilerplate file that does the conversion is scripts/converter.py.

The converted course is available here: http://tiny.cc/topocm (sorry,
edx only shows content to registered users).

It works out quite nicely, except for some image alignment issues.

Thanks to the IPython team for developing ipython and for advice on
gitter. A separate thanks goes also to Jake Vanderplas for ipywidgets,
an unsupported but a very useful package for creating static widgets.

Anton Akhmerov

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