[IPython-dev] [jupyter] [ANN] IJavascript v4.1.3 released

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 12:16:48 EST 2015

Hi Nico ! 

Really nice, I'll cc IPython-dev as not everyone is on Jupyter-ml yet, 
and take the time to tell people that this is exactly the kind of reason we had to create 
Jupyter and this mailing list. 

To respond to your question, we try to push people to use the last version of the protocol, 
as with each new version that is released the old one becomes un-maintained. 

That being said, if you respond with v4 message format to v5 query we will automatically 
add a middleware adapter. and with v5 the protocol version should be in the headers. 
Thus if the first request you receive is (kernel-info request IIRC) is v5 then you can assume the all
session will be v5.

Does that make sens ? 

Thanks ! 


Le 12 févr. 2015 à 04:16, N. Riesco <enquiries at nicolasriesco.net> a écrit :

> Hello Jovyans,
> I would like to announce the last release of IJavascript (a Javascript kernel for IPython/Jupyter).
> It can be installed using npm:
>     npm install ijavascript
> and/or cloned from github:
>     git clone https://github.com/n-riesco/ijavascript
> In this release, I have implemented a new Javascript session server, and now the kernel is not only able to respond with the results of a piece of code, but also stream stdout and stderr. I hope this provides enough functionality to be useful to others.
> I've also documented the code. The documentation generated by JSDoc is located in folder `doc/jsdoc`.
> Help and advice are welcome.
> All the best,
> Nico
> PS: At the moment, IJavascript implements version 4.1 of the IPython protocol. In the future I'd like for IJavascript to implement version 5.0. Is there a way for kernel to determine what protocol versions are understood by a frontend?
> -- 
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