[IPython-dev] Jupyter and Other Kernels

John Omernik john at omernik.com
Sat Feb 21 12:04:54 EST 2015

Since the Kernels that are developed for Jupyter look to be different
projects, I am guessing that my question is ok to ask here, but
understand if the response is "not an iPython or Jupyter" question.

I am playing with the iRKernel. https://github.com/takluyver/IRkernel
and have a few questions on how kernels in general interact with
Jupyter (not just IRKernel)

1. Magics: Based on what I am seeing in the iRKernel, Magics appear to
be a "per Kernel" thing rather than a Jupyter thing. Is this correct?
In the iRKernel %lsmagic gets me

Error in parse(text = x, srcfile = src): <text>:1:1: unexpected input
1: %lsmagic

So anythoughts on how to implement magics in other kernels if this is
not case? Am I missing something basic here?

2. So I have a some stuff running in iPython through my
profile_default startup directory.  How do duplicate this so when an R
Kernel starts up, I can have certain imports run all the time etc.  Is
that a kernel specific thing as well?


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