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John Omernik john at omernik.com
Sat Feb 21 13:40:47 EST 2015

Thanks for the info on the magics. I'll think that one through.   Both
of these issues are interesting in that Kernel devs can be totally
independent of Jupyter in style (yes they have to follow the API) but
stylistically, they don't and thus there is not going to be easy
movement from one kernel to another for users... Not a terrible thing
and maybe that's fine for most users, but hmm... lots to think about


On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 12:26 PM, Matthias Bussonnier
<bussonniermatthias at gmail.com> wrote:
> Le 21 févr. 2015 à 09:04, John Omernik <john at omernik.com> a écrit :
>> Since the Kernels that are developed for Jupyter look to be different
>> projects, I am guessing that my question is ok to ask here, but
>> understand if the response is "not an iPython or Jupyter" question.
> The question looks fine here.
>> I am playing with the iRKernel. https://github.com/takluyver/IRkernel
>> and have a few questions on how kernels in general interact with
>> Jupyter (not just IRKernel)
>> 1. Magics: Based on what I am seeing in the iRKernel, Magics appear to
>> be a "per Kernel" thing rather than a Jupyter thing. Is this correct?
>> In the iRKernel %lsmagic gets me
> Yes, they are per-kernel.
> If you write a python-base one, looks at Doug Blank Metakernel
> that add some facilities to write magics.
>> Error in parse(text = x, srcfile = src): <text>:1:1: unexpected input
>> 1: %lsmagic
> As magic are per-kernel, the kernel is responsible to parse them.
> %lsmagic could be a perfect valid syntax in (perl | php | OCaml | ....)
> because it is **not** valid syntax in Python, wa can make them magic in
> IPython.
>> So anythoughts on how to implement magics in other kernels if this is
>> not case? Am I missing something basic here?
> Depends on your language.
> Julia decided they did not need magics.
> For example shell access in julia is with `;`
> but it's a property of the language.
> Julia have strings macro, so that can do:
> matlab"""
>         (some matlab code)
> """
> Ruby have the same.
> Advice:
> Pick a syntax that is not valid R. and pre-parse to make it valid R.
> which is what IPtyhon does.
>> 2. So I have a some stuff running in iPython through my
>> profile_default startup directory.  How do duplicate this so when an R
>> Kernel starts up, I can have certain imports run all the time etc.  Is
>> that a kernel specific thing as well?
> That depends on your kernel.
> The kernel do whatever it likes.
> If it want to copy us and run the .r files in .ipython/startup, I suppose that would be fine.
> If we wan another common way of doing things, we can do a working group.
> But obviously, .py fies are not the right way to configure a R process.
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> M
>> Thanks1
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