[IPython-dev] widgets in ipython 3

Matt Craig mattwcraig at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 00:19:46 EST 2015


I've started looking at updating a widget-based notebook I put together for
calibrating images in astronomy (https://github.com/mwcraig/reducer) to
ipython-3 and had a couple questions:

+ What documentation is there of the differences between widgets in 2.x and
3.x? I know some of the big changes list in the "What's New" page, and am
looking through the widget examples on tmpnb...is there any sort of
transition guide or anything?

+ Is there any way in 3 to use the animated or striped progress bar styles
from bootstrap?

Very much looking forward to widgets that persist, and have found them
incredibly useful!

Matt Craig
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