[IPython-dev] [ANN] IPython 3.0

MinRK benjaminrk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 19:26:45 EST 2015

Hello all,

IPython 3.0 is officially released. Give it a try:

pip install --upgrade "ipython[all]"

and check out the release notes
<http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/3/whatsnew/version3.html> for the
highlights of what’s changed.

This is a massive release, with almost 6000 commits and almost 1000 pull
requests merged from over 150 contributors. The central feature of 3.0 is
improving support for languages other than Python. This includes a new kernel
and updates to the message protocol
<http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/3/development/messaging.html> and notebook
format <http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/3/notebook/nbformat.html>. We
already have 33 kernels and counting
IPython 3.0 also marks the beginning of the transition to Jupyter.

3.x will be the last monolithic release of IPython, as the next release
cycle will see the growing project split into its Python-specific and
language-agnostic components. Language-agnostic projects (notebook,
qtconsole, protocol, etc.) will move under the umbrella of the new Project
Jupyter, while Python-specific projects (interactive Python shell, Python
kernel for Jupyter, IPython.parallel) will remain under IPython, and be
split into a few smaller packages. To reflect this, IPython is in a bit of
a transition state. We are going to do our best to ease this transition for
users and developers.

With an increasing number of hosted notebook projects such as JupyterHub
<https://github.com/jupyter/jupyterhub>, where the Notebook UI may be
users’ only window onto the system, we have added a terminal and text
editor to the web UI, so the basics should be covered.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this together.

-MinRK on behalf of the IPython (and Jupyter) team
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