[IPython-dev] ipython in Fedora EPEL7

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Fri Feb 27 21:27:49 EST 2015

Work is underway to package ipython in Fedora EPEL7: 

The questions facing us is whether or not to try to package up an (old) 
version with the notebook or drop the notebook for a newer version of 
ipython and provide the notebook in a COPR repo.

We are currently limited by the version of python-tornado in RHEL7 - 
2.2.1, which would limit us to ipython 1.2.1.

Or we could package ipython (hopefully 3.0 at this point, but definitely 
2.4.1) without the notebook.  Perhaps adding the notebook at a later 
point if RedHat updates python-tornado (not much expectation there).

We would likely stick with whatever major version of ipython lands in 
EPEL for the lifetime of the RHEL release, so this is a long term decision.

Would the ipython devel community like to weigh in on this?



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