[IPython-dev] Two basic Notebook questions (Python focus)

Jean Bigboute jeanbigboute at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 18:26:40 EST 2015

Thanks for the suggestions on how to disable the pager and on the
options for pasting images. I am not savvy enough with IPython to run
from the master so I'll keep an eye out for the upcoming switch.

A couple of followup questions:

a) Listing the code of a function seems like a useful feature to have,
especially for relatively new/occasional Python programmers such as
myself.  Should I request it through the appropriate channels?

b) Is it possible to pass arguments to a magic function?
import inspect
print inspect.getsource(function)

I am sure I can remember to import inspect.

I tried to create an alias for the print inspect.getsource(function)
but couldn't figure out how to pass the desired function name as an



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