[IPython-dev] Disabling Authentication for Kernels

Andrew Gibiansky andrew.gibiansky at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 03:23:55 EST 2015


Since IPython 3.0 has been released, I am now frantically trying to get
IHaskell into a state where it can be used with 3.0 :)

I am running into the issue of authentication. In previous IHaskell
releases, I have disabled it via

c.Session.key = b''
c.Session.keyfile = b''

as it was nontrivial to implement and had not been requested by any users.

However, with Jupyter, I am attempting to avoid creating a separate
IHaskell profile, so IHaskell can be used just as a Jupyter kernel.

Is there a way to disable authentication for a kernel via its
kernelspec/kernel.json? If not, is there any way around this issue other
than creating a custom profile (or biting the bullet and figuring out and
implementing authentication)?

Should've started working on this ages ago, but kept having other more
pressing issues... :)

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