[IPython-dev] nbagg problems in ipython 3.0.1 and 2.4

George Nurser gnurser at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 05:29:33 EST 2015


Not sure whether this is an python or matplotlib query.

Using the latest python v3.0.1 and matplotlib 1.4.3 from macports on OS X
10.9.5, python 2.7.9,
I invoke ipython with

ipython notebook

Then in a new 'Jupyter' notebook I create on  Safari 7.1.3 I do

%matplotlib nbagg

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


-- this works great, but if I click on the red x to the top right then

(i) I get the warning message on the console of
[IPKernelApp] ERROR | No such comm: 42451f0dd4314048908b43c2e4c414bf

(ii) all future calls to matplotlib don't actually plot anything. e.g.
(both in the original cell and in new cells below in the notebook) doing
plt.plot([1,2]) just gives

Out[5]:  [<matplotlib.lines.Line2D at 0x1104fa9d0>]

I can get things to work again with another call of
%matplotlib nbagg
but just wondered whether it was supposed to work like this.

I had similar issues with python 2.4 and matplotlib 1.4.2

Regards, George Nurser.
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