[IPython-dev] thoughts on the notebook, alternative front-ends and remote editing

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Thu Mar 5 01:24:46 EST 2015

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:22 AM, Matthias Bussonnier <
bussonniermatthias at gmail.com> wrote:

> Should we make a place just to discuss realtime collaboration ?

No, let's keep it on this list...  The discussion is at the heart of very
interesting questions about the entire system, so I'd rather not splinter
into multiple lists.

Nicholas, I appreciate your desire to polish things, but I really would
like to encourage you to sync in with us on all of this earlier rather than
later. As has already been mentioned, this is what Matthias is basically
working full-time on right now, as part of the ongoing collaboration with
the Google CoLaboratory team.  It's the perfect time to have these
discussions with the whole team!

Very much looking forward to what will cook out from this effort :)



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