[IPython-dev] Hacking nbconvert, nbformat: Looking for howto's

Raniere Silva ra092767 at ime.unicamp.br
Thu Mar 5 07:22:58 EST 2015

Hi Mark,

> I would like to make a django based application to converts ipython json
> files into html or pdf etc. To do this, I need to learn more about
> nbconvert, nbformat, etc.
> I found this
> http://bit.ly/1BQO8WX
> to be useful. However, it looks like some of its code is now out of date.
> For example, I get warnings about deprecated code.
> Could anyone point me to a similar guide using more up to date IPython?

You can call nbconvert "from the shell" using subprocess.
This will be my first approach.
If you prefer avoid this approach,
I will start looking at IPython/nbconvert directory from the source code.

nbconvert uses Jinja2, http://jinja.pocoo.org/, template
so you should take a look on it.

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