[IPython-dev] nbexplode - experiment in version controlling notebooks

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 11:32:54 EST 2015

On 6 Mar 2015 01:47, "Maximilian Albert" <maximilian.albert at gmail.com>
> Would you favour this approach over something like nbdiff [1,2]?
Disclaimer: I haven't tried nbdiff yet, just stumbled upon it and thought
it looked promising.

I don't think this is better than nbdiff: it's much worse for a human
looking at the diff, but it may allow some more merges to be handled
automatically, without manually fixing conflicts. It may even be possible
to combine the two, so nbexplode helps the vcs, and nbdiff helps the user
when the VCS can't merge automatically.

> But I'm wondering what sort of future direction you core devs have in
mind for dealing with "semantic" diffing/merging of notebooks.

Write a new VCS? I'm mostly joking, but so long as VCSs are designed for
nothing but flat text files, I think storing structured data in them will
be kind of hackish.

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