[IPython-dev] readline shortcuts like prev line (ctrl-p) and reverse search (ctrl-r)?

Yang Zhang yanghatespam at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 02:29:06 EST 2015

I've been using IPNB for a while and while it's great, something I sorely
miss from the command line interface is the set of readline shortcuts (esp.
history shortcuts), stuff like ctrl-p/up arrow for recalling the previous
line, ctrl-r for reverse-searching through your history, etc.  I realize
it's not terrible for ctrl-p since you can do something like: Esc Up C V
Enter (ctrl-r is a bit tougher with using the browser's find + mouse clicks
necessary).  Anyway I just thought I'd actually ask here to make sure I'm
not missing these anywhere in the web interface all this time.  (Or perhaps
someone has written extensions to support such functionality!)  Thanks.
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