[IPython-dev] question about command line options

Kyle Rawlins rawlins at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 17:35:35 EDT 2015

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>> 	ipython3 notebook --IPKernelApp.exec_lines='["print(2)?]'
> Passing config to kernel while starting the notebook app is not supported. 
> -- 
> M

ok.  I take it this applies to calls to NotebookApp.initialize as well?  Is there any approved way to do scripted setup for (ipython) kernels in this way (e.g. not in a personal config file) short of writing my own kernel?  This was apparently supported in 2, insofar as these options were present in --help-all (and no longer are), so some kind of workaround if there is any would be helpful.

Also, perhaps if this is the answer, you should consider not letting it ever work.  Right now setting IPKernelApp.exec_lines via command line mostly does do something, so the command line is still getting to IPKernelApp somehow, and it fails only in these complicated circumstances apparently relating to the automatic insertion of quotes.  I think sometimes it is pretty hard for those of us who haven't been steeped in the internals to understand exactly what can and should be configured when and how, because configuration is so flexible in IPython...


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