[IPython-dev] Upcoming major changes to IPython repository

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 20:45:06 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Over the next few weeks, we're planning to split up the IPython repository
into a number of smaller repositories. This is going to be rather
disruptive for development, and for anyone running from master, so please
be patient - we'll try to get through this as quickly as we can.

We'll try to merge as many as possible of the outstanding PRs before we
start this refactoring, but any that we can't merge will probably have to
be re-made against the new repositories - we apologise in advance if this
affects you. If you're planning to make some changes to IPython, please
consider holding off for a few weeks to avoid having to make them twice.

We're splitting things up in this way for a number of reasons. IPython
currently includes components that change at very different rates, and it
will be easier to accommodate this if they can have separate release
schedules. We hope that having smaller, more modular codebases will also
make it easier for new developers to get involved. And as we're expanding
the IPython ecosystem with kernels for other languages and extensions to
change the notebook behaviour, we think that forcing ourselves to rely on
public APIs between pieces of our own project will ultimately make those
APIs better.

Thomas, on behalf of the IPython core team
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