[IPython-dev] Kernels, located on the remote machines, in ipython-notebook

Ruslan Korniichuk paad.ruslan.korniichuk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 10:43:23 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm trying to solve the task of *adding the kernel, located on a remote
machine*, on the menu *Kernel->Change kernel* of the Jupyter (IPython)
Notebook for scientific needs. The visual example HERE: http://goo.gl/pA3QRG
Otherwise it can be named as *$ ipython notebook --existing*.

I know that can to add the kernel, located on a local machine, on this
menu, for example, like this:
    1. Create the folder for kernels:
    2. Inside the previous folder, create the folder for Python 3 kernel:
    3. In the */home/user-ruslan/.ipython/kernels/python3* folder, create
the JSON file:
*        "display_name": "Python 3", *
*        "language": "python", *
*        "argv": [*
*        "python3", *
*        "-c", *
*        "from IPython.kernel.zmq.kernelapp import main; main()", *
*        "-f", *
*        "{connection_file}"*
*        ],*
*        "codemirror_mode": {*
*        "version": 2, *
*        "name": "ipython"*
*        }*
*    }*

But in my task, probably, need to run a kernel on a remote server via SSH,
and after this step copy a *kernel-????.json* file using *scp*. Likewise,
in IPython for parallel computing (starting the IPython controller and
engines in SSH mode).

*Critically important that the functional of addition the kernels, located
on the remote machines MUST work after the Jupyter (IPython) Notebook
update. Therefore, I must ask you:*
*Does this not contradict to the philosophy and the way of the Jupyter
(IPython) project?* For this definition, this task is OK: "IPython is a
tool for managing the entire lifecycle of a scientific idea":)

*In addition, please answer why the Jupyter (IPython) Notebook,
necessarily, MUST run kernel when starts (no empty ipython-notebook w/o own

*Who can help me find good algorithm for this task?*

My skype: ruslan.korniichuk
Best regards,
Ruslan Korniichuk
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