[IPython-dev] Kernels, located on the remote machines, in ipython-notebook

Ruslan Korniichuk paad.ruslan.korniichuk at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 09:59:40 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Personal thanks to Matthias for answer about Notebook w/o kernels, and to
Wes for documentation and source links.
All history of this subject is available HERE:
I'm so sorry, I must express my task more clearly.
First of all, I already read next materials, proposed by Wes:
It's important to note that, currently, we need to create new notebooks
ONLY with python2 and python3 kernels.
BUT we have other needs.
The first of them, that we don't want install ipython on a few nodes in a
cluster and after run on each node ipython-notebook with only local python2
and python3 kernels availability.
We want provide for our PhD students and employees the capability to select
one of all available kernels on a cluster via one ipython-notebook. Nodes
in a cluster have different performance and computing load. Once again, my
visual example HERE:
Now let's talk about an update.
from: Matthias Bussonnier
> Is this a long running computation ?
NO, we don't want update Jupyter (IPython) with the running kernels. But,
for example, Jupyter (IPython) update from ver. 3.1.0-dev-5b6d047 to ver.
4.0.0-dev-5e861d2 must work w/o special further actions (save menu with
remote python2 and python3 kernels and functional for work with this
If we just hack ipython source code, that after first Jupyter (IPython)
update, it is possible to predict mass hysteria.

Best regards,
Ruslan Korniichuk
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