[IPython-dev] Notebook codemirror support for language not distributed with codemirror?

Tom Quarendon tom.quarendon at teamwpc.co.uk
Sat Nov 14 06:21:52 EST 2015

I’m trying to figure out how the CodeMirror mode is loaded by the notebook in response to a kernel info request, and how I would add support for a language not provided by the CodeMirror distribution included in the notebook distribution. In other words I’m developing a kernel for a language not supported by the normal CodeMirror distribution.

I can plug in a kernel just fine, but there seems to be no equivalent for the CodeMirror mode for the notebook. From what I can see, it appears that it will only load modes that in the normal CodeMirror distribution, so if I want to add a new mode, I would rather crudely have to just put a suitable mode in the CodeMirror mode directory buried deep inside the jupyter notebook python module in my python lib directory?

Is this the case, or is there a better way?

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