[IPython-dev] Can I safely ignore "comm_open" for ipywidgets.CommInfo/ipython.widgets

Tom Quarendon tom.quarendon at teamwpc.co.uk
Wed Nov 18 11:43:27 EST 2015

When we run our kernel from a notebook the kernel gets a “comm_open” request with widget class “ipywidgets.CommInfo”, target name “ipython.widgets”.
What do we do with this?

Can I safely ignore this message and any other comm_open messages? Should I respond to any comm_open messages with a comm_close as suggested in the docs (“If the target_name key is not found on the receiving side, then it should immediately reply with a comm_close message to avoid an inconsistent state.” But it’s unclear what the “target_name key is not found on the receiving side” means).

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