[IPython-dev] JavaScript extension cheat or not?

Pierre Villeneuve pierre.villeneuve at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 16:51:58 EST 2015

In my work I rarely need to dive deep into technical details on notebook
extensions. In fact I'd like to keep it that way since the entire Jupyter
landscape and ecosystem is evolving so rapidly (that's great!).

I wrote an extension last year under IPython 3 that worked just nicely
using jupyter-pip. But now that I've updated to the latest Jupyter 4
something is broken with locating my JS file after install.

Option 1 is to dig in and make it work correctly with Jupyter's current
nbextension system. Option 2 is to programmatically read the JS file and
then use IPython's enhanced display mechanism to pipe the JS to the

Option 2 worked nicely for me in the past and its so easy to manage. But
what's the downside? Is it considered "cheating"? :)  When is that method
not reliable?


Pierre Villeneuve
pierre.villeneuve at gmail.com
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