[IPython-dev] Moving ipython-dev off of scipy.org

MinRK benjaminrk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 15:30:43 EST 2016

I just got a bounce notification that my email to ipython-dev was flagged
for coming from a suspected spam server. That server was Gmail. Scipy.org
is also down pretty often, making the list inoperable, sometimes for days.
I think we should end our remaining reliance on it, which I think is only
ipython-dev (and the long-deprecated ipython-user).

Would it be acceptable to move ipython-dev off of scipy.org to Google
Groups? Or consider moving IPython conversation to the existing Jupyter
Google Group; I don't have a strong preference.

The question of preserving the archives has come up, and I don't think
that's a big issue, but we should make sure that we have a link to old
conversations. The archives can remain on scipy.org and/or we can export
them to another host. The archives are also already duplicated to places
like gmane that aren't likely to go away.

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