[IPython-dev] IPython 5.0.0 beta 1 now available !

klo uo klonuo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 17:12:46 EDT 2016


Congratulations on constantly introducing new horizons :)

I wanted to ask some questions about completions with newly introduced
prompt toolkit, if anyone is willing to drop by.

- When I invoke completion, dropbox shows modestly with 5 items. Is it
possible to set number of items shown to preferred value?

- Considering many themed terminals, is it possible to set the color of
completion dropbox?

- About my experience with this completion interaction... After I invoke
- I cant close dropbox with Escape, instead I have to type something to
hide dropbox, or move cursor back
- Further I can close dropbox by typing a letter
- Pressing Tab, causes cursor to jumps in dropbox and navigates the same as
down-arrow, which seems to me like unnecessary duplicate key assignment, as
I would expect Tab to actually auto-complete
- Once you jump inside dropbox you must accept some of suggested
completions, as your initial typing is irreversibly changed as you navigate
through completions
- Still inside dropbox, if you press Enter, what you have at the
command-line is immediately executed.

To compress above points, my shameless suggestion would be (more less
consistent with Notebook completions):
- Escape should close dropbox
- Typing while dropbox is open should just filter available completions,
instead close dropbox
- Simply navigating through dropbox should not automatically change my
command-line unless I press Tab on selected item (Enter should do the same
too, instead execution)

On a side note, I guess it is expected that current jupyter cant launch
this ipython console nor qtconsole.


On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 10:32 PM, Matthias Bussonnier <
bussonniermatthias at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I am happy to announce that IPython 5.0.0 beta 1 was release as few
> minutes ago by Jamie our new project manager (in cc)!
> Beyond the usual bugfixes, this release focus on the terminal user
> experience, and thanks to prompt_toolkit, we know have syntax
> highlighting as you type, and real multiline editing ! Yeah !
> (we got rid of readline as well)
> We'll release a more detailed blog post describing the new features
> when we release the final version.
> We would be happy if you could try this beta and report any
> strange/bad behavior,
> And make sure you do not use any APIs that have been deprecated and or
> removed.
> You can upgrade now with
>     pip install ipython --upgrade --pre
> If all goes well we should cut the rc and/or final in 2 to 3 week-ish.
> We'll try to polish the documentation, migration guide, and changelog
> during this period, so please report any inaccuracies, missing part,.. etc
> I guess you know the drill by now.
> See attached gif-trailer if you can't install it now.
> If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread.
> Enjoy,
> --
> M
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