[IPython-dev] IPython 5.0.0b3 out

Aaron Meurer asmeurer at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 01:49:56 EDT 2016

On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 6:38 PM, Matthias Bussonnier
<bussonniermatthias at gmail.com> wrote:
> Nothing fancy again, getting closer to RC.
> You know the dril:
> TL:DR;
>  $ pip install ipython --upgrade --pre
>  - We broke 3 things in beta2. sorry about that:
>     - Tooltip in Notebook that would always say [object, object], now fixed.
>     - Completion would crash with Prompt_toolkit 1.0.0 (sorry we are
> living on master)
>     - Spyder.
> This was due to an (unintentional) change of API, if you ever spot a
> change of API which is not documented of don't have big deprecation
> warning, don't blindly update your project(s), make sure we are aware
> of the API change. Especially during beta/rc cycle.

Ah, I didn't think about that. It looks like a SymPy test fails. Run

./bin/test ipython

from the sympy repo.

Will this update affect the notebook or qtconsole at all? If so, you
should verify that SymPy printing works there (IPython has already
broken SymPy printing one too many times in my opinion).

Aaron Meurer

>  - Doc building fixed on windows, and missing labels.
>  - many %%magics now have correct syntax highlighting in the terminal as well !
>  - Completer can be dismissed with CtrlG/CtrlC, input buffer cleared
> with CtrlC. (no, not with Esc for technical reason, more in changelog)
>   - Fix some key bindings (mainly in Vi input mode) to better match readline.
> There is a couple of issue we can't reproduce / figure-out:
>   - can't type double quote : https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/9589
>   - get stuck in completions (Aron Meurer on this list)
> We'd appreciate feedback if you can/cannot reproduce, to narrow-down the reason.
> A few requests have been marked as non-issues/ not feasible / later,
> please have a look and make you voice heard if it really bother you as
> well.
> A couple of issues are marked as minor, and we will try to fix them soonish.
> Pr welcome !
> As usual thanks for all of those who pitched in !
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