[IPython-dev] IPython 5.0.0b4 out: $ pip install --upgrade ipython prompt_toolkit --pre

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 18:45:12 EDT 2016

Hi all,


$ pip install --upgrade ipython prompt_toolkit --pre

don't forget to update prompt_toolkit !
Most of the following is only relevant if you tried one of the previous beta.

Small delay since last beta release, sorry about that,  a few reasons though:

- We / I slowed down a bit on the beta release pace, there was a few
  bugs/issues/User interface annoyance that needed a new version of
  prompt_toolkit, there was no reasons to make extra-beta
  without this new version released.

- We backed-down on some changes on which we had a few
  disagreements (more below).

- I got sick, and had to catch up with backlog.

Anyway, Jonathan released prompt_toolkit 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, so even if you don't
try this new beta, upgrading prompt_toolkit will fix some of your issues.

# Move back `TerminalInteractiveShell` to it's old place.

The team was split on this one it took a BDFL decision to move forward.
One more example that it's good to have a BDFL, as at cuts short discussions.

This is the bigger breaking change since 5.0b3, the `TerminalInteractiveshell`
moved back from `IPython.terminal.ptshell` to
`IPython.terminal.interactiveshell`, if you've updated your project recently to
adapt to this change we're sorry, but despite the fact that the version pre 5.0
and post 5.0 classes are relatively different the cost of conditional import for
project depending on us appeared to be too high. So it's now easier to migrate
from 4.0 to 5.0 as the class have the same name, and same location.

# Option name and default changed.

`TerminalInteractiveShell.display_completions_in_column` is now gone. It was
not present on 4.x so no API breakage there, and is now replaced by
`TerminalInteractiveShell.display_completions` and is a enum that gained a 3rd
mode for the completer: `readlinelike` for those of you that regret readline.
This give us more flexibility for further options later. We would
appreciate testing of
this new layout from vi user. The two other modes now being `column`
and `multicolumn`.

By popular request, `multicolumn` is not the default value for the
previous option.

# bug fixed:

- quit/exit broken in ipdb
- Copy/Past broken on windowm
- Unicode broken on windows
- function signature garbled when using `object?`
- issue with paging text with `?`
- completer could get stuck.

As usual enjoy. Hopefully this time we are getting close to RC.


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