[IPython-dev] Debugger behaviour - do you like the new 'smart command mode' feature?

Thomas Kluyver takowl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 16:39:52 EST 2016

The behaviour of the Python debugger changed a bit for 5.0. Previously, the
debugger commands (such as 'c' for continue) would shadow Python variables
with those names; so to show the variable c, you would have to type

The new 'smart command mode', from pdb++, prefers the variable names. So if
a variable 'c' is defined, then entering 'c' in the debugger will show that
value rather than continuing. Any command can be used explicitly with a
prefix, e.g. '!!c'.

Some people have found this new behaviour awkward, and we're considering
reverting it. Whether you like the new feature or not, please go and vote
on this issue using the emoji on Github (thumbs up to go back to the old,
thumbs down to keep 'smart command mode'):


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