[IPython-dev] IPython Clusters

Ioannis Botsis ibotsis at isc.tuc.gr
Wed Nov 30 03:03:36 EST 2016

Hello there,

I currently initiate ipcluster using PBS mode. In

c.BatchSystemLauncher.batch_template_file = 'mytemplate'

file i describe the commands to the PBS system. Everything works fine.

c.PBSEngineSetLauncher.batch_file_name = 'my_pbs_file'

is created according to the "mytemplate".

When i start the # of engines in the tab "IPython Clusters"  of jupyter 
my_pbs_file do not submited automaticaly.
If i submit my_pbs_file from the command prompt, everything works fine.

How can i adjust configuration files in order to my_pbs_file be submited 
automaticaly when i start engines form jupyter?



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