[IPython-dev] Packaging also the debug version ipython_d.exe for MS-Windows

Chuanren Wu me at crwu.de
Mon Oct 17 04:28:47 EDT 2016

Dear developers,

is it possible also to package a ipython_d.exe for the debug-version of
(officially packaged) python under windows?  Since MSVC has different CRTs
for debug and released objs, it is not good (perhaps not possible) to mix
I am relatively new to python, mainly for the reason that I want to provide
a binding to my C++ numerical library. With a debug version of ipython_d
alongside with the release version is very convenient to debug the binding.
Btw, the default numpy packaging for windows has a debug version as well, I
did not investigate on how do they achieved that but I think this would not
be difficult for ipython.

I even don't know whether this request is suitable for a Github ticket,
therefore I'd rather send you a email to ask.

Best regards
C. Wu
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