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Hey Thorin,

now that Jupyter is better established, we're really holding  discussions
such as this one on the Jupyter list:


and leaving the IPython list for things that are specific to IPython itself
(the kernel, the terminal app or ipyparallel).

I'd suggest reposting over on the general Jupyter list to ensure the right
people see your message...



On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 2:02 PM, Thorin Tabor <thorin at broadinstitute.org>

> Hello,
> We've been operating a JupyterHub instance for some time, and are now
> looking to gain some insight into the maximum number of users or notebooks
> that our current hardware can handle. Basically we want to do some load
> testing on our JupyterHub environment.
> Since we are surely not alone in doing this sort of testing, I wanted to
> ask the Jupyter development community what options and tools are out there,
> and which work well with JupyterHub. What are people using? What are the
> best practices?
> Thorin
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