[IPython-dev] Participating in Docathon week of March 6th.

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 17:59:45 EST 2017

Hello Jupyter and IPython crowd,

UC Berkeley Institute for Data Science in collaboration with a couple other
location is organizing a Docathon the Week of March 6th.

The Docathon is like a Hackathon but focused on developing material and tools
for documentation. It will be a distributed event where we hope to gather
contributors and project to focus for a week on improving the current state of
documentation across the board, regardless of whether you code in R, Python,
Julia, C, ...

A kickoff event should be happening on the March 6th at least at BIDS in
Berkeley, and hope you can join in person, if not be online with US. A couple of
other locations are making space available for people wanting to get involved ,
get help an give help. The Docathon is of course also ment to be a remote event,
and is just a good opportunity to work on documentation for a week.

You can get more informations on the Docathon website[1]

If you'd like to participate to give, receive help, or want your project to get
contribution during the Docathon, please register by filling-in the relevant
forms on the upper left of the website. We might also ask you to create a
"Docathon" label on GitHub. All this will allow us to gather metrics and try to
get funding to organize a Docathon next year depending on the success.

I'll personally be in BIDS space most of the week and will be happy to help you
contribute to the Jupyter Documentation (Notebook 5.0 might not be out yet so
that will be a good time to contribute).

If you have any questions or like to get involved, host some hackers, write
crawling scripts, do some webdesign... you can directly open issues on the
GitHub organisation[2], there are plenty of available task.


[1]: https://bids.github.io/docathon/
[2]: https://github.com/BIDS/docathon/

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